#989 Ozomatli – Street Signs

I often wonder how are there so many bands that I do not know. I guess some of the American bands are only popular stateside, such as Ozomatli. This Latin funk rock band released their third album Street Signs in 2004 and won the Grammy for Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album in 2005. And that is […]

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#988 The Beta Band – Heroes to Zeros

The Beta Band released their third and final album Heroes to Zeros is 2004. They disbanded the same year due to financial troubles with their record label. Radiohead and Oasis expressed admiration for the band. My favourite songs were “Assessment”, “Pure For”, “Space”, “Wonderful”, and the rest of the album. I actually added the whole […]

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#987 N.E.R.D. – Fly or Die

N.E.R.D. is another band I have never heard of, at least not in Hungary. They released their second album Fly or Die in 2004. It was a critical success. Their popularity peaked on this album. Their most known member is Pharrell Williams. Williams and Chad Hugo are also known for starting The Neptunes. The band […]

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#983 Arcade Fire – Funeral

Arcade Fire‘s Funeral was released in 2004 to critical acclaim. They reached the top of the year-end charts and were nominated for a Grammy Award. The band had created modern day classic. I really do not remember any of these songs. I wonder why. I do not considered it a singles album, at least for […]

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#981 Brian Wilson – Smile

Brian Wilson is another name I did not expect to see return to this list. He was on the list in the 60s with The Beach Boys. I read about the album Brian Wilson Presents Smile and it is actually an album from the 60s, but he never released it. Wilson had a drug-induced mental […]

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