Avery Island the Home of Tabasco


Today i went to Avery Island. It is where the most famous hot sauce, Tabasco, is made. It was really fascinating hearing about the process of making the sauce. It is stored three years in wooden barrels and then stirred for 20 something days. Even more exciting to hear, Tabasco Company is into saving the environment and they recycle everything, even the salt used, which is mined on the island.

If you visit Louisiana, then i recommend taking a day tour to Avery Island. We ate lunch in town at Bon Creole. If you see the outside you might think it is best to skip it, but then when you go inside you will think “i am definitely not eating here” but you would be wrong because they had really good shrimp po-boys.

After the Tabasco tour, we toured the gardens. It was exciting standing so close to alligators; fortunately they did not come out of the water.


2 thoughts on “Avery Island the Home of Tabasco

    1. i am doing them in order, but i have photos to upload from this day and day 13, so it takes a bit longer.

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