So Hard For The Money


i went to the world famous French Quarter. It happened that i was fortunate to be there during the last day of the French Quarter Festival. There was live music on the streets and many people out enjoying the sunshine. It was a bit more expensive than usual for parking, so that was unfortunate.

The best moment was trying a muffuletta sandwich from Central Grocery on Decatur Street. They created this famous New Orleans sandwich. It is layers of meat, cheese and olive salad on a thick sesame bread.

The other best moment of the day, Cafe du Monde beignets and cafe au lait. Awesome.

She Works Hard For The Money
She Works Hard For The Money

i also was able to try one of the local breweries in the Quarter, but i was not impressed. The beers here seems to be a bit watery and lacking in flavour, which is odd because of their rich food. Perhaps the water is left over from Katrina because it taste like crap.

As the day wore on the people multiplied, which i thought was odd, but i guess they had to get over the hangover from yesterday.

i was so full, but we ate boiled crawfish for dinner. i will never eat again.


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