1001 Albums #44

Solomon Burke‘s Rock ‘n Soul was the album that put him in the books as one of the greats and as one of the founding fathers of soul. He has been called the “the greatest male soul singer of all time.” It has also been written that he is the “most unfairly overlooked singer.” I mentioned his name to a few older people and they never heard of him. I have never heard of him nor any of his songs.

His voice is soulful and his songs are not bad at all. It definitely has some church happening in his music. He was a preacher. He even stated he did not to want to be associated with “rhythm and blues, which he believed had “a stigma of profanity”, because of his clean lifestyle and strong spiritual beliefs.” I lol’d myself when I read that. He was married four times and had some children out of wedlock and if this man was my preacher I would never go to church. His life reads like a Mexican telenovela.

The funniest song on the album is “You Can’t Love Them All” but he is gonna try. That was his motto. His album is okay. If I had heard it when I was younger, then I would listen to him as I do Marvin Gaye or Al Green. I find it hard to get past his hypocrisy, but I cannot deny he has a voice. 6/10.


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