One Year

i forgot to mention that i have had this blog over a year now. Thank you to all those that have followed my adventures, even to those that think my blog is boring and especially to my best friend. i will miss you until my last breath. You inspired me. A year of my life […]

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Update On My Life

Finally, i have a ticket to the U.S. i will leave from Budapest (it is much cheaper to leave from there than Frankfurt) on the 19th of August to Colorado. Someone provided the airfare for me, but i will leave it anonymous because they know who they are and how much i appreciate them for […]

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Tentative Acceptance

As some of you know, i was accepted last week into Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Boulder, Colorado, but the acceptance is tentative. Tentative? What does that mean? It means that is depends on the financial aspect of the application. i am not exactly sure how i need to get a full acceptance, […]

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