No Twerking

It has been over a month since my surgery and i have only gained about 3 pounds. i hate when i take a shower, i look into the mirror and see that i look like someone who escaped from¬†Auschwitz concentration camp or worse i look like Miley Cyrus, except i have a little more ass […]

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Under A Bridge

Do people who never cared remember all the great times? Do they ever think of those they hurt? i feel like i should be living under a bridge somewhere, somewhere nobody will notice me, notice my sadness, my watery blue eyes, the tears that stain my cheeks or notice my hollowness. i feel empty inside. […]

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Miss World

When i hear the words Miss World, i think of a Hole song, but this year it has more to do with a competition of young women from around the world. The battle of the brainless Barbies is being held in Indonesia this year, so they cancelled the swimsuit part of the contest due to […]

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Random Ramblings

Day before yesterday i posted a photo of a cat, i had more likes that day than any other day and i gained a couple of followers. i really hate cats and do not understand why so many people love cats, but i realised that there are many things that the masses enjoy, yet i […]

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Every year Europeans gather around the television to watch Eurovision. What is Eurovision? It is a contest like American Idol or X Factor, in which singers sing one song from the country they represent, but not necessarily their own country, as when Celine Dion won for Switzerland, so i do not quite understand the rules. […]

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The Wizard Of Oz #10

AFI’s #10/100 For the first film that i will review i decided to take a look at The Wizard of Oz. Why? Because it is one of my favourite films and i just watched it, on my birthday last week. Well, i gave away the ending to this review by telling you that it is […]

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And the winner for best song…

i forgot to cast my vote for best original song. It is fairly simple. Adele‘s Skyfall is boring. i like her, but that song sounds like all the Bond songs before it. In fact, all the songs, except for one, were rather dull. Before My time is haunting and depressingly beautiful. It should win and […]

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Worst of 2012

Worst list are probably easier to write for most of us, since it seems to be human nature to dwell in the past on the things that make us sad or focus on those that have wronged us in some manner. i used to be one of those people, but then i was able to […]

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