1001 Albums #45

A Girl Called Dusty from the English singer Dusty Springfield has been missing from my life. Springfield is the 60s Adele. If you do not know who Adele is then I cannot help you. She is a white girl with soul. She sings from her heart and commands you to feel the pain in the […]

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1001 Albums #44

Solomon Burke’s Rock ‘n Soul was the album that put him in the books as one of the greats and as one of the founding fathers of soul. He has been called the “the greatest male soul singer of all time.” It has also been written that he is the “most unfairly overlooked singer.” I […]

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1001 Albums #43

Jacques Brel. Enregistrement Public à l’Olympia 1964.Enough said. Okay, maybe a bit more for those who do not know of him. He was from Belgium. He died in 1978 at the young age of 49, but he knew he was dying since 1973. If Edith Piaf was the queen of chanson, then Brel was the […]

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1001 Albums #42

In my perfect world, The Beatles would not be have another album in the 1001 Albums… listing that I am going through. But I have never lived in a decent world. A Hard Day’s Night is the third album of the band formed in Liverpool, England in 1960. Good news! I have found one song called […]

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1001 Albums #41

Getz/Gilberto from American saxophonist Stan Getz and Brazilian guitarist João Gilberto is Bossa Nova Jazz from 1964. It is another collaboration from Stan Getz in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. If you read my review of Getz last album, then you know I hated it. I gave it a 2/10. It […]

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1001 Albums #40

1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die is not a book I will recommend. I am on album number forty and it is another live album: James Brown and the Famous Flames’ Live at the Apollo from 1963. I have not listened to it as I write this intro. My problem with the book is that it includes live albums which are […]

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1001 Albums #39

The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady from Charles Mingus is jazz. Avant-garde jazz! I will not mess around. I hated it so much. I wanted to run out of the house screaming murder. I felt like I was Janet Leigh in Psycho and Anthony Perkins was plunging me with his knife over and over […]

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1001 Albums #38

Live at the Harlem Square Club, 1963 was released 22 years after Sam Cooke was murdered. The record company felt it was too gritty and raw for his pop image so they kept it hidden. It could have remained hidden as far as I am concerned. I cannot believe that this is what 1001 Albums… considers Cooke’s best of his short career. […]

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1001 Albums #37

A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector is a ridiculous addition to 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. I read in the beginning of the book that Saturday Night Fever is excluded from the book because it is not one artist. This is not one artist. It is one producer with several of the artists he was producing at the time. This album was a way for Spector to squeeze more money out of the […]

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1001 Albums #36

Bob Dylan. What can I say about Dylan that has not already been said since he first appeared on the scene with his 1962 self-titled album? I am not sure I will not say anything worthy of his music. This review is for his second album The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, which gave him all the […]

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