Titanic #83

Titanic came out in 1997, so i was either living in Seattle or had moved to Santa Ana for six months. If my memory is correct, i was living in California, but as time moves on, some things become unclear and other things become transparent. Plot (yes, i am a romantic) When i first saw […]

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The Wizard Of Oz #10

AFI’s #10/100 For the first film that i will review i decided to take a look at The Wizard of Oz. Why? Because it is one of my favourite films and i just watched it, on my birthday last week. Well, i gave away the ending to this review by telling you that it is […]

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AFI 100 Years…100 FIlms

i have decided to review American Film Institute 100 Years…100 Films. i will try to watch one film per week, perhaps two if time permits. i have seen most of these films, but i want to watch them again and give a few thoughts from my point of view; a simple point of view, perhaps […]

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