#687 Crowded House – Woodface

Crowded House released their third album Woodface in 1991. I am surprised that their eponymous debut album missed the list; it has their biggest international hit “Don’t Dream It’s Over” on it. I was an instant fan of Crowded House because it is contained two former members, Neil Finn and Paul Hester, of Split Enz, a New […]

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#686 Nirvana – Nevermind

I think everybody remembers when they discovered Nirvana and heard their second studio album Nevermind, which slowly exploded into our lives in 1991. It was released in 1991, but it peaked at number one on January 11, 1992. It was like a bride’s list of “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.” It had that feeling […]

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#684 Ride – Nowhere

I have never heard of the band Ride. They released their album Nowhere in 1990 to critical acclaim. It was an important release in shoegazing genre. I do like this genre so I have some hope to like the album. The best songs are “In a Different Place“, “Polar Bear”, “Dreams Burn Down“, and probably my […]

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#683 Sonic Youth – Goo

Sonic Youth again. I hope this album Goo is the last one from this band. This is their fourth album on the list and their sixth studio album. It is considered one of their best and one of the most significant releases of alternative rock music. I think my least favourite song was “Tunic (Song for […]

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