#869 Madonna – Ray of Light

Madonna. I have already written about her in this list of 1001 Albums… She is one person that has pushed the envelope and people’s buttons throughout her career. She does not possess a filter. Before her seventh album was recorded she had her first child and embraced Kabbalah, studied Hinduism and Buddhism, and practiced Ashtanga […]

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#868 Pulp – This is Hardcore

I have never heard Pulp‘s 1998 album This is Hardcore. Actually, I have heard of Pulp, but I have not recollection of hearing their music. Their sixth album is fill with art rock and Britpop, which was popular during the 90s. I was not excited to listen to this album, but I did not have […]

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#862 Manu Chao – Clandestino

Manu Chao debut album Clandestino has little chance of my liking it. I am not a fan of Spanish music. It doesn’t do anything for me. As soon as I heard “Bongo Bong” I recognised the music. It is in English. Then I heard “Je ne t’aime plus” and I realised that I knew the […]

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